Brushes - student project

I received a number of Sapphire Robert Simmons flat brushes for one of my birthdays when I was in high school. (Sept bday- Sapphire!)
After being on a long hiatus from painting, I've decided to delve into watercolor, which I previously only brushed the surface of. I loved the flat brushes I had, so I ordered some of the other types of brushes to match, a holder to store them all in, and another holder that allows me to suspend them so they can dry with the tip down (let gravity do the work, right?) I want these brushes to last a long time, so I know I need to keep/clean them properly.

This class was a great chance for me to pick up my new brushes and test them out a little. I know I need to experiment with them more, and try them in different contexts to see what really works well for me.  Once I have a bit more experience, I'll go back in and make cards for each style.

I like to play around with lettering and calligraphy, though I have only used nibs and brush markers before, I think the angle shader and the flat could be very nice for some of the more rigid font families. 

The textures that the liner and the fan brush can create are really neat. 


Thanks for the nice class!

Brushes - image 1 - student project


Brushes - image 2 - student project

Nancy Erle
Watercolor Artist