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Lauren Weiss

Graphic Designer/Painter



Brushes & Glass

I am fairly certain that I'm now obsessed with designing patterns. Once I started my first project, my mind went wild with inspiration and I had to try and focus on just one idea (okay maybe five) before jumping to the next. The two patterns below are the ones I am happiest with. Although, I think it will take more time to develop this skill. I found making the pattern 'flow' and developing the color more difficult than I originally anticipated.

Modern brushes:

I found inspiration in my paint brushes. I am a painter and have bowls and cups full of used brushes hanging around my little studio. They are definitely my tool of choice and just their presence feels 'homey' to me. While they are normally very messy looking and an array of bright colors, I found myself wanting to make this pattern very clean and modern looking. 

They are definitely the hero in this pattern, but I also had to add some paint tubes to the mix.

Overall, I'm really happy with this pattern. I think it developed into more of my style and personality than my other ideas. A road block that I kept hitting was when I would ask myself 'what would I use this pattern for?'. Thinking often that they were too busy and odd to be used realistically. Did anyone else have this problem when developing? Maybe I'm too practical .. my pattern doesn't really need to have a purpose. It's purpose can be looking pretty. 

Here is one I designed for a supporting role like Elizabeth suggested:

Vintage Glass:

Another object of inspiration for me was vintage glass. I love the beautiful colors and unique shapes that vintage bottles are in. Especially when used as a unique vase for plants. 

Here is my final:

I am really happy with the way this pattern developed too. My biggest struggle with this design was the coloring. I think I could spend hours just trying different color combos. 


I really enjoyed the content of this class and stretching myself to something unfamiliar. Thank you Elizabeth for fantastic lessons and videos that were easy to follow and super fun too. 

Look forward to reading everyone's comments and feedback. :) 


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