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Brush up your perfect future with online learning

Bought in snatched moments of quiet from a bustling street market in Xian four whole months ago, I unwrap you from your bamboo scroll to explore your powerful simplicity. And whilst I have already many memories of imagined adventures we shall create on canvas together, your handsome handful of horse hair has yet to be charged with pigment, has yet to embark with me on more than a journey of fancy - so how much do I value you, really?

I love your presence upon my desk. I love it  in the same way that my belonging to communities of online learning cracks open a another world where there is space for a better me to emerge: your lying quietly there within sight, within reach, brings creative agency boldly into the possibilities for my each and every next moment.

My choosing not to work with you signals near total obsession with the necessities of surviving as a consulting professional. Yet, a thousand times in quiet moments since China your wooden handle has been firm, fat and solid in my mental grasp. 

You are my memory of the thrill that surged through me in a moment of absolutely new encounter. A decade ago, in a short pond of uncommitted time, I stood for the first time since leaving college with a brush in my hands and a canvas magically transformed by the first splash of color. Never before such a sense of quiet, absolute wow! That sense of impending agency has never left me, a moment that has been repeated countless times as I have painted my way through a decade of flowing bliss that has become such a central part of who I found myself to be. 

Connecting me as a baton connects relay runners with a flowing mission, you make me everyday an artist, privileged to be the carrier of creative intent. Tantalisingly poised to deliver blackness definitively onto a field of white, you are always ready to create the immortal visual icon that shall effortlessly infuse meaning into the lives of all who chance upon its message in times of light and space. Surely, I am bold enough to hope that this action, once taken, shall begin flows of new departures for richer worlds?

As each time I have returned to earning my bread and butter on-line, your evocative potential still bursts freshly free as my eyes alight once more upon you. Like wanton learning online, the infinite array of possibilities you are has changed me and promises to change me daily until I breathe no more. I love this evolution of self that is so easily to hand in our connected world. I am grateful to the shapers of courses that are shaping me. And I love the meaning that resonates within me, each time my eyes find you. 

A new brush from China. You sit on my desk, virgin to this day. Yet you charge me daily with the energy of who I can be tomorrow.


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