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Brush practice

I'm familiar with brush lettering, but I don't think I'm the best at it so this class is meant to help me practice...because practice makes perfect!

I just got a new set of watercolor brush pens over the holidays. I opted not to use water with them for this class (will take another class to teach me how to use them properly).



I actually started writing before I warmed up! You can see such a drastic change between these words and what you'll see later. I definitely need to be sure to warm up before I do anything with a brush pen!





I've actually never really like my cursive handwriting, but it looks way better with a brush pen! I like adding little swirls wherever I can (see the capital C, E and G).



And of course it's time for bed now that I'm all warmed up. Next time I'll learn how to break the rules (after I warm up first)!



After some warm ups, I tried to loosen up my guidelines so the baseline of my letters wouldn't all be the same. It took me so many variations to get to this one, and it still doesn't look that loose! The curse of being a's hard for me to break the rules. I do like the composition of this though.


This is my final composition. A line from a song that was cut from the original 1950 Cinderella movie. (I happened upon it while listening to my Disney station on Pandora one day...don't judge me!) I absolutely love the saying.

I think the composition is nice, but I'm having the same issue before where I'd like my baseline shift to be a bit more obvious. I also like "break the rules" better because the letters are more spaced out. I think the ones in my final are more condensed for some reason because I was drawing at a larger scale. Either way, I had fun experimenting with the swashes!

My favorite takeaway tip from this class is to be sure to hold the pen loosely. I start thinking and concentrating so much that I end up gripping it too hard. Thanks Andrea!


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