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Brush lettering everyday



When I was watching this class for the first time, I haven't really thought about putting it into practice, I mean - not seriously. I just haven't got any time for everyday training. But then I found some old brushpens in my pen case, and decided to scribble something on the nearest page.

And so it began x))

I never really tried out any handwriting exercises, I just have been sort of writing anything that went through my head. I brought an old A4 notebook to my work and took to wright down something when in need to think or to shout at everything around me x)) A nice stress relief and a good lettering practice at the same time x))


My arsenal of brushes expanded with time. I started with two faber-castles, black sakura pigma brush and a mangaka flexible brush, which is a treasure. It's a kind of firm brushes which gives you a lot of pressure control and a nice dry smudges at the final gesture. Sadly, when used often, those brushes don't survive for long (not any of brushpens do, in my limited expirience). So now my collection also includes several koi coloring brushes, which make some very nice tonal variations, I'm very fond of them.


The last in my arsenal for now is a waterbrush, which is an asset worth having. Unlike brushpens, the waterbrush doesn't rub away and may be refilled with all kinds of ink you want.


As I'm practising my lettering whenever I can and with whatever words are going through my head, I'm rarely thinking about the composition beforehand, I'm just writing the phrase right away, without baselines and such. This leads to stupid things like orthographic mistakes and missed out letters. That's why, when you doing a real composition, you really need to make a sketch of it beforehand. It also gives you an opportunity to play with your letters and ad some interesting elements, which is dangerous to do when you just writing from the head (as I found out). 

So here are some things I've done for practice:

Koi coloring brush pens (dark brown, raw umber and dark warm gray)


"the brushes are running out of order in a blink of an eye"




See what I mean about mistakes? Ugh.






Koi waterbrush №8 (L) with blue ink:





So! What I need to do now is to start thinking about composition and some interesting strokes and ornamentations to add to this rather school-wrighting-book looking work.

Thank you so much to Andrea for a wonderfull and inspiring class!

Thanks for watching!

UPD: little thing in the name of Terry Pratchett, Nightwatch and the glorious 25th of may. 



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