Brush Study

This class is great for beginners like me! I have been going back and forth with watercolors for the past several months, but I keep putting it off to the side. I'm never sure which brush to use and when, so I love this idea of just doodling with the brushes while being mindful of what I'm using.

I bought a variety pack of inexpensive brushes at Michael's a month or so ago. I wasn't sure what to get, but I knew whatever I chose would be better than the Crayolas I had been using! I now know that I need to go back for more round brushes. They're my favorite.


I want to practice lettering and more detailed work, so I like the liner and detail brushes. Unfortunately, mine seem to have frayed a bit. I don't know if it's my inexperience or lack of quality brush. Maybe both?!

I also like the filberts, especially the 3/8 inch for making larger shapes and lines. It just has a nice feel to it. I also like the ribbon effects you can create with them.  

It's interesting how some brushes hold the paint for long lines, while others hold just enough for a short one. 

A major takeaway from this project is that most of my frustrations stem from choosing the wrong brush, or trying to make one brush work for everything. 

Thank you for this class, Amarilys! It was so helpful.


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