Brush Pen Hand Lettering Basics

(I'm excited about teaching my first Skillshare class! I've enjoyed many of the classes on Skillshare, so I'm glad I can give back. Cover image to come soon!)

Class description:

In this class, you will learn the basic techniques of how to use a brush pen. This is a quick and easy class for beginners, and no experience with brush pens or hand lettering is needed. You'll learn how to turn a favorite quote or word into a work of art!

Class project:

For your class project, you will create a hand lettered greeting card. You will use the techniques you learn in this class to turn a favorite word or short phrase into a fun, personalized card that you can send to a friend. When you have finished your project, post a photo of it to the class page so we can be inspired!

*Update: Here is my tentative class video outline:

*Update 2: My rough draft of my introductory video. This was harder than I expected!