Brush Pen Adventures

Brush Pen Adventures - student project

I happen to have almost dried out Pentel Pocket Brushpen, so this class is quite good experiment to test it out. Truly, the textures and unpredictable marks are really interesting - I usually just change the cartridge when there isn't much ink left.
My sketchbook has quite thick and "textured" paper and it seems to pair nicely with dry brushpen. My brush tip has also "gone bad", I don't know proper word for it right now but in Finnish I'd call it "harakanvarvas" = crows feet. 
Abstract drawing excercise with dry brush:
Brush Pen Adventures - image 1 - student project

Brush Pen Adventures - image 2 - student project



Wet brush exploration. I had to change sketchbook for this, because the paper in the original is too soft for wet media.

 I tried to learn Japanese calligraphy couple years ago, but I couldn't find proper courses online (ping for Skillshare!) , so I mainly learned how to hold the brush and couple first strokes.
This exercise reminded me about that, and I realized why Japanese calligraphy felt so weird: as left handed, my "drop shaped" brush stokes naturally tilt to right, but if you're doing Japanese calligraphy in a right way, the drops need to tilt to left – easy to do as right handed, but for left handed your hand blocks the view and therefore you need to do the movements quite unnaturally.


Brush Pen Adventures - image 3 - student project


Exercise: Exploring abstraction
 I quite like it! 

Brush Pen Adventures - image 4 - student project


My figurative drawing: Crooked hourglass. I didn't want to do sketch under the ink, so the end result is quite wonky. 

Drawing/painting with ink brush is a skill I need to practise much more, it is really difficult and almost frustrating for me.

Brush Pen Adventures - image 5 - student project