Brush Lettering - 2 week challenger

Hi everyone,

I had not posted anything yet since I did all of the homework at the same time. 

I'm really happy to be part of this class! I've starting out classes for calligraphy and when I got into research and looking at instagram accounts, I completely fell in love with brush lettering. Ever since, I had been practicing here and there but it wasn't until I found Andrea's class that I deciding to focus more on it.

I am really looking forward for some feedback, let me know what you think of work, I want all the criticism so I can improve myself and perfect the art that is brush letteing.

Thanks :)


The top page was my first practice sheet. The bottom page was done 3 days later. A little bit of improvement, but I really need to work on the "drips"


I also practiced the "let's taco 'bout it" piece for fun and to practice on guidelines. The two top pieces were done first. I noticed that I am really impatient for the ink to dry which explains all of the ink stains on my paper :( I also ruined it by erasing too fast. The bottom piece, I did with no guidelines and I thought it came out rather well.


Since I had time on my hands, I felt like practicing a bit more and deciding to go with this. The curve in my Y is messed up. I think I fixed it after I took the picture. Oupsies.


I choose to work on "Love the life you live" because I identify to it in a positive way. I think it's really important for everyone to love their lives and to make changes if they are unhappy. Luckly, I have a couple of colors in my Tombow brush pen's so I started to experiment with some pink, so that the pink can reflet the word love (since I do not have a red pen). I want to put emphasis on the word love, since I find it's the key word here and to add some color to the piece. I'm still debating on some little things for the final version, that I will finish tonight.

Stay tuned!


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