Brush Letter Practice

Brush Letter Practice - student project

I decided to do a baseball themed painting with a catch phrase that my grandsons have used many times on the baseball field. I remember when my younger grandson was only about 4 years old that he was already using the quote when tee ball didn't go so well! He's six now and did not appreciate my "messy" baseball, but his older brother has already claimed it for his room! 

I've done a little brush lettering, but didn't know how to stagger the letters or blend two colors until this class. The NY Mets colors of blue and orange don't blend very attractively and I still need practice, so I used a black Pentel brush pen for this piece. 

Good ending to the workshop series! Thanks, Peggy!

Brush Letter Practice - image 1 - student project

Charmaine Boggs
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