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Brunei Tourguide Mind Map

Hello, everyone! Here's the first draft of my map on A5 (I need a bigger sheet!). I'm a new freelance tourguide in my country and I had long planned to write/illustrate topics that I can share with my guests as I sometimes forget what I can talk about. This will serve as my one-pager reference as I conduct my tours.

Mr Rensink, I have some questions:

1. Do you think I am trying to put too much information or be too detailed with the sub-sub branches?

2. How many levels of sub-branches is a good number?

3. How do you organise the map if certain topics need to be in chronological order, eg. usually we share facts about the country first, followed by other topics.

Lastly, thank you so much Mr Rensink for this great lecture and SkillShare for sharing it!



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