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Brunch in Montreal

I literally came back last night from a whirlwind trip to belle Montreal.  Even in the middle of 'bad timing' dreariness and rain, the colours and vibrancy of this eclectic city shone bright and clear.  There were magnificient graffiti murals sprinkled throughout the city from the yearly mural festival where artists from around world would come and liven up the city with their beautiful work.  I was able to capture a piece of this from inside the diner (below).

 It was our last day there and we wanted to have brunch nearby.  After some quick Urbanspooning, we lucked out and found a highly reviewed cute eccentric Portuguese diner near us.

The exterior and interior of this cute spot looked like a 1970s themed kaleidescope.  I wanted to capture this wonderful contrast of colours with the food.  And remembering Adam's tip of making it more human and personal, I asked my friend to just simply hold on to her cup of water.  At the same time, I was mindful of trying to balance capturing the food with the paint splash tables.


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