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David (Bruckaroni) Bruck

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Bruckaroni Toys n' Thangs Logo Design

I have updated my toolkit. As I was working on my business cardsI dropped in a shadow and fixed the shoes a bit as well as adding in a texture. Here is my updated toolkit!


I recieved a bit more feedback about my logo and decided to play around with it a bit. Here is an image of one of the suggestions.


I changed the key on the drum to yellow as well and added highlights. I kind of felt that it clashed too much with the key on the back so I'm going to keep the drum key blue however I like the contrast of the yellow key and the blue logo that I may use this as a color combination when the logo is used without the mascot. Thanks for the suggestions!

After this process I received some more feedback and addressed some of those issues. I also continued to work on my mascot who was going to really bring the whole brand together. After many many trial and errors I am happy to present to you my brand toolkit!


After figuring out what I really wanted my logo to look like I started thinking about color and my color palette. I tried out many different color versions and textures. I still may use some of the combinations depending on where my logo is going to be used however it will mostly be used just as a solid color.


 Here is a bunch of my digital sketch brain storming.


After looking at all these fonts I decided to narrow it down to these 8 combinations. After sending it out to some friends I decided on the 2 fonts I wanted, purchased the liscensing and began designing!


I realized I kind of jumped the gun and forgot to show more of my process of how I ended up on my logo. Here are some font options I was considering with some personal notes about pricing and everything that I was considering


Being inspired by the mascot I really wanted to get the main logo figured out so everything could fall into place and here you have it!


I started designing it in black and white just to really focus on the design and to make sure it would work in a single color. I am now working on messing around with different color variations and ideas. Hope you guys like it!

I did a bunch of sketches. Here are some of my original sketches when I was still really focused on making some of the classic toys work into my design.



Then I looked backed at my mood boards and realized I really loved clever design. For instance the antartica logo where they made a penguin out of the letter A. I just couldn't get over how good of an idea that was and started really toying around with some ideas of a logo focused around the letter B.


Then that B in the middle right with the little tab sticking out of it. My girlfriend mistook it for a key to like a wind up toy or something. The second she said that everything just clicked into place and I was well on my way to figuring out where I really wanted to go with the whole process! I decided to look back at some of the photos I took from the toy museum and knew exactly where I wanted to go. I wanted to have a nice clean logo but at the same time I was going to design a mascot that could really capture the essence of my company. So then I started to doodle ideas for characters and how I could tie everything together.


I started to doodle ideas and really wanted it to be one of those old fashioned wind up toys. This way the logo could work in multiple ways. The wind up key itself could be a stand alone logo. Then the drum would be my main logo and the thing holding the drum would become the essence of my brand that ties everything together.



I doodled a few ideas but they looked too much like a shark or a whale or a turtle and I really just wanted to to be a thing. I didn't want it to be easily associated with any thing in particular I wanted people to ask what is it? Then I finally drew THE ONE!


Its still really rough but in my head I can really see how it's going to look and am going to take it digital now to start cleaning things up!

This past weekend I went to the Barker Character Comic and Cartoon Museum in Cheshire, Connecticut and it was AMAZING!

I decided to make one more mood board mostly made up of pictures I took at the museum for some extra inspiration and figured I'd post it on here!


Hey Guys!

I'm excited to be starting class 2. Here is my mood board of some logo designs I liked and some other souces of inspiration for my own logo



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