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Bruce Lee

Analysis - one day later, the more I look at the this, the less I like it.  My pencil technique and shading is better than it's ever been but overall this feels like a 'Frankenstein' piece with a bunch of different items placed next to each other as opposed to a cohesive whole.  I realise my error with the nose and mouth was trying to define the shapes too much (all of my drawing up to now has been line art and this is different) so those are things I would definitely do differently.  I'll have another go and hopefully there will be an improvement visible.  Onward!

I did quite a bit of work on this piece today.  Some bits I am pleased with but there's a lot that needs work, especially the nose and mouth. 

OK, here's the basic outline for the sketch.  Apologies, it's a bit indistinct but that's down to scanning in H pencil lines and then trying to adjust it so you can see something.

Just a few quick nose studies (mostly cropped out) and then a quick attempt at getting everything in the right place on the portrait.  At this stage it's getting the features right.  Nose and definitely mouth need the most work but I can progress compared to my work before taking the course.  I have a baseline to work from now.

A refresher of the eye lesson with a couple of quick goes at the exercises before trying to apply the lessons for Bruce's expression.

Bruce Lee has been a hero of mine since I was about 12 years old so I decided to make him the subject of my portrait project.  This is my first effort after watching the tutorials in this class.  I got over-excited and tried to do it one go.  My scanner is not the best and I can see where the proportions are off.  The next one will be better.


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