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I use RSS readers in a very particular fashion. I don't obsessively keep-up with anything, the stakes are fairly low, mostly I use it to keep track of blogs that I really like and when I have some down-time, I open the reader, pick a blog or pair of blogsI feel in the mood for, and start looking at the latest content. In other words, I don't ask my RSS reader to come to me with the latest content, I ask it to sit there, and I come to it with a specific need or desire, generally for browsing. 

One thing I find frustrating about some RSS readers is how it is not comfortable for me to read in the actual reader. If the reader reduces my reading space (which most do, they put the reading into a frame), or does not display the images or typography correctly, I will simply go to the actual site so that it feels pleasant to read. 

With this particular need in mind, I have designed my Reader. Upon opening the App or landing on the website, you are immediately presented with a screen, or Board if you will, that is full of different Feeds to which you subscribe (as represented by the Icons created from the first two-letters of the feed's name). 

By default when you land these icons are all '"greyed out"—they are inactive. To activate a particular feed, you click on it, which lights it up. Before you begin reading in any session, you simply click all the different feeds that you wish to read from, activating them. 

Similar to the apps on your phone, spacial layout is extremely important to muscle memory, so the idea is that one will learn to quickly and easily click the feed that they want to read. 

Another feature is that multiple feeds can be organized into a 'group'. These groups, shown with the Roman Numerals (that can be re-named by the user), serve like the memory function on the power-seating of a luxury car. Any group can be programmed with any number of feeds, allowing you to group feeds by subject, or put them into groups that simply make sense for you based on common moods you find yourself having. So anyways, when you hit the group name/numeral, all the associated feeds are activated. 

Swiping right or scrolling down reveals the content. On a phone/tablet you simply swipe to the right to get to the next item and scroll down to read the entire article/piece. On a desktop you scroll down and must click the "…" to expand any individual piece downwards, showing you the whole article. 

That's pretty much it, there is very minimal functionality. You can open the link in the browser, that's it. There is no organizing, saving, storing, or any of those features, this is a browsing reader, meant for reading and consuming languorously.