Brown sketchbooks

Brown sketchbooks - student project

Brown sketchbooks - image 1 - student project


After a long break from Skillshare (I missed you so much! you can see my watercolor water container is clean and empty, gasp...), but now I'm restarting with Chris' class!. The moment I got the notification about this new class I knew I had to give it a try. It had two things I have loved since I was a little kid: origami and bookbinding.


I have never seen this way of doing sketchbooks! I love it, I even used the paper handles as a decoration ribbon around my new sketchbooks.... (and as I'm writing these words and looking at my new creations wondering "what am I gonna sketch inside?..." I realize it fits perfectly inside the inner pocket of my phone's case! )


Brown sketchbooks - image 2 - student project


Thank you Chris! I love my little sketchbooks!

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