Brown Paper Packaging

Brown Paper Packaging - student project

This is the very rough design for my current's going to begin as a company that designs branded welcome bags and guest gifts to go along with the events (so those are the images you see in there now) but I want to move into a full event branding and design company. I'm not crazy about the images I have in there right now and plan on changing those out. I'm also not sold on the color scheme as it's kind of light and maybe too difficult to read. I've never done any web design at all before and my knowledge of photoshop is very limited so this is definitely a work in progress with a long ways to go....constructive criticism encouraged!

I realize I didn't include any buttons/avatars and I'm thinking on ways to incorporate my newly learned skills into the site.


Brown Paper Packaging - image 1 - student project

Alicia Mats
Event Planner at Mendocino Weddings & Events