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Broomfield Trading Co. - Brand Development

Name(s): Jeremiah Britton & Jeff Balthazar
Location(s): New York x Detroit

Brand Name: Broomfield Trading Co.

About: Jeremiah Britton and Jeff Balthazar met in college while working together on a streetwear brand with a mutual friend. The brand found success in promoting events, sponsoring athletes, and selling out of their first two lines of hats, tees, and sweatshirts. The two always knew that the brand could be much more than a t-shirt company, and since graduation, they have been working hard to develop their next venture.

Slogan: Brick by Brick

Mission: Inspire with blue collar hustle and craft.

What is Broomfield Trading Co? The name Broomfield comes from the name of the street on which the duo Jeremiah and Jeff lived while attending University. With an urban and pop culture feel, Broomfield looks to showcase the blue collared nature of the Midwest. With a focus on authentic and quality design and styling, our mission is to inspire those who will influence world. Broomfield Trading Co. is a multi dimensional brand with a current focus in streetwear apparel, but with the foresight to do much more.

Brand Name Adaptability Test (Extra Credit):

Exploratory CADs: Below, our first exploratory CADs for what we hope will be a soon-to-be-realized first line, is inspired by the hardworking, blue collared nature of the places we grew up in. From the large metropolitans to the small industrial cities of the Midwest, we took inspiration from everything from hunting to body shops to masonry (brick layers) to the postal service. All of these things are the jobs and hobbies of real, authentic, blue collared people, and by giving those themes a flip and injecting streetwear culture, we believe we've developed a pretty solid statement as to who Broomfield Trading Co. is and will be in the future. Thanks!

Earlier Process Work Below (see above for final work):

Update: Hey Guys. We're working on getting our project organized. Our goal is to have the firs two rounds of "assisgnments" completed and uploaded to our project by the end of this week. Check out some of our logo development I have been working on so far. There are logos/wordmarks/ and some simple lockup/badges included. Feedback is welcomed.

Update #2: Hey Guys. Based on some feedback from classmates and our peers in real life, I have updated a set of logos to share. There are basically 4 options that we see as our 4 main logo options, with some additional "logo" marks we would use occasionaly throughout other pieces. Obviously, many more lockups and badges will be developed to use on tees and hats and bags, but here's another round to check out. The mockups in the attached PDF are not final hat/shirt designs, they are only there to show how the logos could work at different sizes and on different types of apparel. We will have our first two rounds of "class assignments" completed by this weekend and then onto finishing up some CADs for everyone to check out. Thanks!


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