Brooklyn Tablescaping

Hi, I'm Amy and I'm excited to learn about setting the mood at my home for great dinners, holidays, and more.

The tablescape I chose to analyze is dark, dramatic, and a little wild. Someone pinned this image as Halloween decor inspiration, and I love how unique it is. The thick green foliage and heavy colors are an uncommon way to approach tabletop decor, and I love finding images like this that are a little odd compared to the majority of tablescaping you see on sites such as Pinterest. On to the analysis…


This must be for an all-out Halloween dinner. At least two courses with wine. Cobwebs? Check. Place setting? Check. Candles to set the mood? Check. Strategically placing large fern leaves to hide how many glasses of wine you've had? Check!

As far as the dinner menu goes, I would guess that they would servce some sort of roasted bird - maybe cornish hens? The little wishbone on the plate leads me to believe something along those lines would be appropriate. With blood-red wine. And a rich, dark chocolate dessert. 


Dark green. Dark shadows (the brown and gold tablecloth works well for this). Jungle at night. 


It looks like the fern centerpieces are tall, and the eye has a chance to travel out towards the white place settings in a triangle shape. It's a little hard to tell from the angle of the photograph. The place setting itself is somewhat triangle in shape. The foliage is between place settings so you still have a chance to see the person sitting across from you.


The botanicals make this tablescape so unique! They look tall, wild and unkempt, which I love. They are perfect for a dark and spooky Halloween gathering.


The delicate wishbone on the plate would be great for holding seating arrangement cards in place. It's a unique little decoration for a place setting, and using bones as decor is a constant reminder of the specific holiday being celebrated.


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