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Jorge Quinteros

Avid photographer based in Brooklyn



Brooklyn Stroll with Claudia





I regularly keep in contact with the people I’ve met over the years but as we all know, sometimes life just happens and somehow things fall out of order. I’d much rather communicate with someone in person but when you can’t, you quickly and unavoidably start settling into believing that the continual texting is suffice to replenish the extended period of time you’ve failed to actually chat with a person.

I succinctly recall the last time saw Claudia. It was literally a year ago as we both had agreed to convene at Brooklyn Bridge park to attend the annual photo exhibit known as Photoville. Since then, at lot has changed for her - everything from personal life, career-wise and the fact that she had just returned from an amazing European road trip with her younger sister which was an even greater enough reason to reconvene and be nostalgic about how breathtaking Paris is and the aspiration to live there for an extended period of time.

Oh, and we also ended up taking some photos.


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