Brooklyn, Is Just Like...

There's an old school hit song by West Coast rapper DJ Quik, called "Just Like Compton," wherein, after traveling beyond the trials and tribulations of his own infamous neighborhood, our protagonist finds several other destinations just as familiar, with situations even more dire that those he'd find at home. At one point, he comments: "And San Antonio was just waitin to put us to the test...I even had to wear the bulletproof vest."

I've lived in 5 U.S. cities.

I've seen dozens more, while traveling the world.

The place I now call home - Brooklyn - has been lauded for its quintessential uniqueness; the land of hip-hop and hipsters, genus and gentrification. And in all its new found glory, there are discoveries within the borough's boundaries that play as deja vu to me: scenes I've seen somewhere else before.

I love where I live because in it, I see reflections of the corners of the world; it flatters far-flung places through the sincerest forms of imitation, duplication, simulation.

Brooklyn. Is Just Like...


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