Brooklyn For Peace

Brooklyn For Peace - student project

I am primarily interested in learning new skills and techniques to apply to posters for the non-profit i am part of, Brooklyn For Peace. I want to do one with just the organization name for now. My biggest hurdles are coming up with something compelling and interesting. But also within my skills. I have only basic Illustrator skills. But I am eager to learn techniques and skills to make more interesting posters.

Many of my ideas seem to on the nose or beyond my skill set so I am still in the brainstorming/sketching stage while playing around with different ideas in Illustrator.


We tend to use a lot of color. Depending on the message we do a lot of black/white with red and gray highlights, as well as a lot of bright, eyecatching colors and tones. 


  • Water tower 
  • bridge 
  • Water 
  • Bus
  • Subway
  • urban city


  • Sign 
  • V fingers 
  • People together 
  • flowers trees water life 
  • yin and yang

Brainstormed Ideas

  • Hourglass with peace coming out, war toys going in
  • Subway map with train stops as conflicts? as peace words?
  • Peace is the way? subway map to peace. Next stop has to be peace
  • Fishing for peace of a dock by the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Plant peace and love, happiness grows layered of bad things festering bad things
  • Raining/Snowing peace-drops/peace-flakes over skyline
  • Brooklyn bridge between peace symbol v fingers
  • Elephant in military garb the elephant in the room
  • Boat anchored under Brooklyn Bridge with skyline...train going to Brooklyn
  • Peace Train! Run the train to Brooklyn with skyline in background. Signs that says trains to peace.
  • Train schedule with peace info
  • Train repair announcement peace info
  • Silhouettes...of people doing...
  • patterns of small peace signs
  • Floating, surrenal peace sign scene...
  • Beehive with peace sign hidden in beehives pattern

Inspiration Ideas

Brooklyn For Peace - image 1 - student projectBrooklyn For Peace - image 2 - student project

Brooklyn For Peace - image 3 - student projectBrooklyn For Peace - image 4 - student projectBrooklyn For Peace - image 5 - student projectBrooklyn For Peace - image 6 - student project