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Brooklyn Follies. Paul Aster


I didn't choose my favourite book because I wanted to read a new one, I like Paul Auster books and I had this one around without reading it so I did, and I liked it a lot. It´s one of my favourites now.

I'm gonna show you the process for the book cover. I hope you can get my English. I'm still not sure about the result because when I look at it I see an A, and I don't know how to test it because when I show it people say: I love it! but they don't say: nice A drop cap. Then I ask: If it was a letter which letter would be? and they say: an A without any doubt.

1. I Made a list of keywords

The list is in spanish because I read the book in spanish. Most of the words were abstract concepts like fatherhood, delirium, friendship, diversity, retirement, change and so on, and others (spoiler alert!) were things or places like books, a bookstore, boxes, Vermont, Brooklyn and Coca - Cola.

2. Doodle some ideas

(Spoiler alert) I tought of A (for Auster) like a didot or a bodoni because it represents to me the editorial world but then I tought it would have look good but I wanted to try something a bit more figurative so I tried an A with the shape of the fat nephew behind the counter of the bookstore, the bookstore itself, the a in the Coca-Cola logo, and The girl (Lucy) taking out Coca-Cola cans from the vending machine.

The vending machine part of the story was the detail that changed the whole story, the main character even say that in the book so I choose to refer to this moment somehow. and it happened in Vermont not in Brooklyn.

(spolied alert) I sketched a girl taking out a Coca-Cola from a vending machine but when I tested it no one guessed it was that so I was reading some chapters again to confirm how the girl looked and I tought maybe the girl spilling the Coca-cola from the can could work.

Then I found it didn't work so I tried the girl just opening the can.

3. Vector

I worked it on ilustrator, made an A for reference over the drawing, made the clothes up a bit, and sketched some branches and leaves that I think help a drop cap look like a drop cap, and I choose maple sugar leaves that can be linked to Vermont. I had never draw those branches and leaves so I watched some designs from William Morris and some from our teacher and copy them :(

Then I struggled a bit and changed the background from this orange to red gradient that was sunset or autum for me to a Vermillon red that was something in the middle of sugar maple leaf orange and Coca-Cola red, and reduced the number of colors imagining it was gonna be printed in spot colors.

And this is the result:

I removed the lines this morning and I like the way it looks too. I think this book cover would be cool because it is like an encrypted image that you understand when you read the book but if you see it without reading it, it's just a girl opening a Coca-Cola can. I'm not sure if I did the drop cap task right but I wanted to show you anyway. Thank you for your time.


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