Brooklyn Conservatory of Music Rebrand


Before I could remember, I always held an interest in both art and music. To me, they were two sides of the same coin, twin sisters, and immensely inspired my view of the external world. Growing up in a musical environment and living with communication disabilities, developing a relationship with my instruments and the visceral language of music enhanced my approach to life. That is why I chose the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music to rebrand and to greater develop their public identity.

Milestone 1 // Choose the not-for-profit organization you’d like to create an identity for and explain why. Share 2 to 3 sentences on what organization you’re choosing and why.











old logo

Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

Mission Statement: “We envision a world where every New Yorker, regardless of age, income or level of ability, has access to high-quality music instruction and music therapy. We believe that neighborhoods traditionally underserved by New York City cultural institutions need and deserve hands-on musical experiences and that by creating these opportunities we are building a more vibrant, interconnected city.”




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