"Brooklyn Bombshells" script logo

"Brooklyn Bombshells" script logo - student project

"Brooklyn Bombshells" script logo - image 1 - student project

I decided to make a better, handdrawn version of my favorite roller derby team's logo. The current one has a decent drawing but crappy type, so I concentrated on the lettering. I had a hard time finding a home for the anchor, but I'm happy that I was able to sneak in the founding date and the chain.

I've never really taken my lettering seriously (although I doodle letters often), and this was more painless than I thought it'd be. I still erased a lot and restarted a few times, and the Bombshell's B looks more lively than the B for Brooklyn above it, but I'm pretty happy with this overall. I'll need to tweak it in Illustrator, but let me know what you see. I did start a version with a ruler where I really paid attention to the letterspacing and it was just a mess and didn't have a whole lot of life to it. Does that just take practice?


Mary Hawkins

....and here's the latest version!

"Brooklyn Bombshells" script logo - image 2 - student project

Mary Hawkins

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