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Brooke & Cody's Wedding

Hi everyone!  Thanks for taking a moment and looking over my project.  

I am new to calligraphy...aside from unpolished doodles and personal/practice work, this is actually my first attempt at creating any sort of a final project.  

I am helping a friend with her Save the Date/Wedding invitations and am using their first names as my words to calligraph.  I've started with the bride's name, Brooke.

Some initial sketches:

I chose to refine ideas #1 and #2.  

I think #1 looks a little condensed, particularly the "roo" combination of letters.  But I think I like the overall shape, and the style looks more like "me" than the rest.  (But maybe the point of trying something new is to develop some new styles, too.) 

As for #2, I liked the idea of using the "k" to add another flourish.  I feel sort of "medium" about the style of the "B" - the letter B in general seems so large and round and difficult to a beginner like me!  :)

Refined sketches:

The bride wants to use her wedding colors in the names so I thought the finials could be a good spot to add a secondary color.  

#1: I think I will keep working on the lower flourish of the "k" - maybe it's so large it doesn't relate enough to the "e".  I also think maybe the two "o's" could use a little something, especially on the second one. 

#2: I think I am leaning towards liking this one better....I like how the "r" and the "k" descend a little bit and maybe seem a little freer.  I also maybe prefer the shape of the "b".

A challenge I am having moving forward is that I have made my "down-strokes" thicker than any of my nibs create!!! I think I may try inking as well as the "faux" lettering for the next step.


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