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Radmila Zelic Josimov

designer & illustrator



Broken Flowers


For my project I chose "Broken Flowers", movie by Jim Jarmusch, starring Bill Murray. Story follows main character - Don Johnston as he starts a cross-country journey to track down his former lovers after receiving an anonymous letter stating that he has a son.

The movie has melancholic atmosphere, action of solving the mystery, following the main clues - pink paper and typewritter, and following one man's journey into his past, and searching for answers... 

After initial brainstorming I extracted main words that could define the movie:

- Women

- Letter

- Pink

- Flowers

- Typewritter

- Clues

- Searching

- Journey

- Emptiness

- Apathy

- Coincidences

I started sketching, and came up with three directions that I want to explore further, and I deffinitely want to use pink color as important aspect of the story that appears in different shades and context.


The first one combines more elements into the composition in order to tell the story, with 5 different flowers for 5 women he visits, car that implies journey, and shadow of a woman's leg (as women played important role in Don's life, and important part of the story itself).

The other two are minimalist and reduced to the main clues - the letter that is the trigger of the story, and typewritter with pink rose petals.

I've done some more sketching, as ideas continued to come up, after I started doing design in Illustrator and Photoshop, and also let go of some of the previous ideas. So I hold on to letter, and typewritter as one of the clues in the movie and this is what I came up. Feedback appreciated.




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