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Broke & Savvy - A landing page.

Here is a really quick mock- up of my landing page project!! I really struggled with the copy writing so any tips are totally welcome!! For an online retail store I'm not sure what types of Calls to Action I need or where to put them. 


Stylish clothes you can actually afford!

All new fashion trends updated daily. 

Want to know the hottest styles now?

All the trendy stuff in one place

Call to action

Get savvy now! 

Get broke & savvy in your inbox!

Features and Benefits

  1. Stylish
  2. Affordable
  3. Free shipping / painless

Feature, advantage, motive, benefits

We offer Stylish pieces you can easily add to your collection, which means lots of choices ladies!! 

Are you broke? And you still want to wear cool clothes? that's ok our prices will always hit the sweet spot! 

ordering items online can be scary. 

Will it fit?? Is it the right color??

We get it!  

Here's our broke and savvy solution: free shipping! It won't cost extra to get to you and it won't cost extra to return. Now thats just savvy.


Credibility: I have none :(

Social proof: will get some



5 friends = 50% off 


Order status and tracking 

Payment options

Privacy policy

Rule of three

  1. Stylish
  2. Affordable
  3. Painless


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