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Broccoli finds the best treasure picture book

Something magical happend to me that changed my life forever. I did not expect much to be honest, when I entered a monastery in Minneapolis where the Buddha Relics were on display. Let me just say that being in the presence of the relics showed me the power of love. So began an incessant drive to write a picture book for kids.. Children visit the tour at stops all over the world. Just imagine, little Buddha's in the making, seeing precious objects, and being affected positively.

Enter Broccoli, an African Grey parrot. And her best friend, a little boy named Eshan. Upon hearing of a treasure left behind by the Buddha, the 2 friends set off to find the treasure when the relic stops at their town.

Now, how does one express mystical feelings in a way that is not just telling about them?  Even more important, how does one see through the child's eyes?  In this world, full of entertainment and Harry Potter, there is an even more mysterious, magical world and it does not have to do with witches, and brooms. How can it be possible that little crystal-like objects HOLD the power or radiance of a Master teacher like Buddha?  What does this mean for Human potential? What does this even mean for a little boy and his friend Broccoli?  Can Kid's relate to the power of Love, and coming from the heart?

Best wishes to all who have given feed-back thus far.


Unit 2:

Choosing an Obsession:

1) The Buddha Relic tour

2) Spirituality and children - how can we introduce concepts like heart and love without "cheesy stuff"?

3) Love, love, love and the power of the heart


I read children's books. I read more Children's books. And then I read more Children's picture books! All genre's. Some notable research findings:

Maurice Sendank was the author of : "Where the Wild Things Are" in the 1960's. This picture book is a classic of a boy's misbehavior, his trip into an isalnd where Wild things are and where he is King!. Sendank is a genius in knowing how children imagine.

Leo Leonnie is great too, and I am able to be more expressive (and less inhibited) about states of love.

I just read the picture book: Bluebird by Bob Staake. Now this is a genius. A remarkable picture book without a single word that conveys the timeless message of loneliness, finding friendship with a little bird, all without a single word. Pure magic. Pure Staake.

My Wish List:



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