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Broccoli, Cupcakes, and Kawaii

Part 2

Yay, color!

For the Attract/Repel exercise, I looked through my pins on Pinterest and chose some photos and images that had nice/ugly color schemes. Mostly I am drawn to bright, saturated colors. But I also like warm earth tones and soft-feeling, monochromatic shades together.

There aren't really colors that I hate, but certain combinations of colors I don't care for!

For my Color Story, at first I wanted to choose a bunch of rainbow-explosion colors (a la Lisa Frank). Because I love those colors the most. But I realized they didn't really fit my patterns of rain. Here's what I originally wanted to do. It's kind of insane crazy:

But I also loved some of the softer, more toned-down color palettes in my inspiration images. So I built my Color Story around a combination of those colors, and called it "The Season for Rain" -- Springtime has lots of rain, Fall is rainy, and when you're sad (Melancholy) all you want it to do is rain. So those are my 3 colorways in my color story!

Part 1

OK, time for actual assignments on my project here. 

I made a few sketches of opposites:

Still vs. moving (I simplified from the original sketch by dropping the tea and coffee cups, although I still like that idea):

Continuous vs. intermittent:

Sweet vs. sour:

And then a couple more just for kicks! (not really exploring opposites) I snagged some clip art from to save time illustrating these:

And a kitty:

I made a couple more patterns!

A star/floral one:

Another one based on one of the shapes from the star/floral: (this one is the "build from the corner" method, like a Mexican talavera tile)

Those were all fine & dandy, but looking very geometric to me. I wanted to try something more haphazard and organic. So I tried one of those "scattered" patterns, using this cellphone symbol in Illustrator. Hello 80s! :)

Just getting started with playing around with patterns in Illustrator... Here are my first 2 attempts at some sort of pattern. 

This one is based on the "Design from the Corners" method:

And this one is sort of based on the "Outside In" method.

I liked my 1-way and 2-way practice patterns, so I thought I'd share those, too!



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