Broad Generalizations About Millennials and a Love for Trader Joe's

Admittedly, I opened this email fully knowing, as a marketer myself, that this was just a product feature pitched as an opinion article. I opened this because they hit me at all the right angles - it’s timely, at the right place at the right time, a popular subject to obsess over, and in a way that made it irresistible to not click.


In my opinion, millennials are a group that is much too broad in age range to characterize with the same traits and behaviors, but that’s an argument for another day. We love being in the know — our close connection to social media and technology give us a permanent preparedness to act as not to experience FOMO, which makes us easy prey for click bait subject lines. Between our foodie culture, and high loyalty to a company like Trader Joe’s, all you have to do is add into the mix your bait, tied to an especially timely event (Valentine’s Day is tomorrow) and you’ve got the perfect recipe for hooking us. They also happened to catch me right about mid-afternoon, I'd worked through the prior evening and early morning work emails, finished up my lunch, and had a little time to peruse my personal inbox. Plus, it was sent by an established "lifestyle brand" that's popular for my demographic — one that frequently covers topics that are at least of some interest to me. 


You can give us hell all you want for our ways, but we’re not blind to our own behavior (we’re also ALWAYS looking for ways to be more mindful about our tech use) and aren’t too proud to admit that we’ll open these things even when we sniff sponsored content from a mile away if the subject is crafted just right. 13849d97


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