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Bro do you even blot?

Hey bros and broettes, here is a lovely set of ink blots to take you deep into my warped mind. Grab some popcorn and pull up a chair. 

Ok so here are my supplies and workspace. For those of you that do not have access to that bottle of ink and an eye dropper like the teacher showed, you can get a ink bottle like this one at crafts stores like Michaels. This one cost me $5. 

I was too paranoid of getting ink on my tapes so I took it outside. it was cleaner than I thought except for the time when I dropped a big fat glop of ink by repeatedly putting ink in one area. 

Ok so the last class I took on Skillshare, the instructor had us compare our drawing while listening to different music. So I decided to pick a different vinyl record for each drawing. Ok here is the fun part. 

So the first blot looked like something with long hair. I happened to have this belly dancing record, so this is what happened. 

Her background story is that she was a beautiful belly dancer. Really young and smart and beautiful. Until she was violently assaulted and cursed. The village women obviously had no feminist values because they were a bunch of haters. They were jealous of her long luscious hair while they all cut their own hair short like a boy because "I don't have time to comb it blah blah blah." So they chopped off her hair, you can see the bloody scalp in the pic. And now her hair is falling off. They were jealous of her small waist while they were busy eating too many falafels. So they stuffed her with food. And they also cursed her to be hairy. Now this "monseter" is doomed to live in the desert. But she is visited by young women who want to learn about her old ways of dance. But WHO IS THE REAL MONSTER HERE? I would say it was those jealous old women #ThisIsWhyINeedFeminism

For my second drawing I was listening to The Lords of The New Church. And this monster came up...

His name is downtown. He likes to sneak into homes in India through the pipes of the toilet. Oh that story was inspired by a real story that happened in India where a snake did that lol. 

The third set is called "Restorking Fee" 

It was inspired by listening to Antichrist Demoncore which is really nice to play when friends and family are over. 

The background story on this stork is that it was genetically engineered by a scientist commissioned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon. If you sent back items too often then this thing would kidnap your children to work at an Amazon wharehouse. 

OK so the fourth set is Troy the catepillar and Juniper the unicorn. It was inspired by an album by Animals as Leaders. 

They protect the coast of Oregon from deforestation. You see the evil people not only cleared out Junipers old home but they also killed his parents and sold the body to be displayed at a museum in Berlin. Poor juniper was raised by mountain goats and hipsters from a band called (nevermind you probably would not have heard of them).

Juniper kills off people trying to harm the forest. And Troy "decomposes them" with an bile that comes from his mouth. Once the people are soft enough to eat, he eats their skin first, then their meat which he shares with the wolves, and then hipsters collect the bones and use them as manequins on which to display their goods that they sell on Etsy.

The fifth set was inspired by The Cure. This is a flying cat, he is all up on your rooftops and shit. 

He is pretty harmless. He pretty much sleeps on treetops during the day. At night he flys around roofs checking out what people are up to. He lives on a strict gluten-free vegan diet. 


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