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British Invasion: McLaren Marketing in the U.S.

McLaren Automotive is the next supercar company to make a big splash in the United States.  McLaren is for the individual who isn't afraid to be different.  For the individual who doesn't want to drive an Audi or Lamborghini like everyone else wants to.  For the ultimate thrill seeker who demands quality.

11 Questions 

What is Marketing for?

Marketing is for making McLaren's story a vivid and appealing one.  To expand the user base and to increase sales in the United States while expanding the brand.

What are we allowed to touch?

Anything that will help brand expansion.

What can we measure?

Number of sales in the United States and in Europe, number of Americans visiting websites, number of dealerships established in the U.S., demographics of interested and potential customers looking for cars online.

What can we change?

The standard for luxury cars that people want to purchase for themselves in the United States.

What should we promise?

Promise to deliver high quality and electrifying automobiles.

What is the hard part?

The hard part is that McLaren is not a automotive giant like Toyota or Ford and cannot make the quantity of cars required for a complete takeover of the upper luxury car market in the U.S.

Should we make trends or follow them?

McLaren provides its own trend of a small car company engineering high quality, fast supercars, not one that came off of a mass assembley line.

Where is the risk?

The risk to the company would be stepping out into a foreign market.  The risk of the customer would be buying a car that would bring about judgement from their peers due to the scarcity of McLaren cars in the U.S.

Who is in charge?

Mercedes Benz owns McLaren Automotive so all plans to enter the U.S. market would be approved/disapproved by them.

What is the money for?

McLaren would have to market in places that would bring about the right customers for them.  The right customers would have to have financial resources to be able to purchase a McLaren vehicle.  The money would be used to market into niche automotive communities within financially wealthy areas.

What is the most important way to spend my time?

Time should be spent building a tight-knit diehard community across the U.S. that will buy McLarens and will only continue to buy new McLarens.  Then the sneezers within that community will only help to spread awareness about McLaren's products to other potential customers.

"P" Words


McLaren could send model supercars to events such as the Circuit of the Americas F1 race in Austin, TX which Team McLarens races in, as well as other high-visibility racing events across the country where future potential owners would be.


McLaren supercars are worth talking about among all motorists.  Certain high-income cities that are abundant with luxury car owners could be tested by establishing awareness about McLaren through dealerships and showing those owners what's new from across the pond.

People Like Us

People who buy McLarens will become fans for life.  Fierce brand loyalty is the ultimate goal.



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