Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia - student project

G'day Aaron, 

Thanks a tonne for this latest class! I had lost a little bit of my design motivation until I saw it pop up in my inbox. You are incredibly inspiring; your attitude towards design and, seemingly, life in general. 

Anyways, here is my submission for the class. I live in a city called Brisbane. It is the capital of Queensland, known nationally as "The Sunshine State". I had a lot of fun playing around with the pen tool in this one, a lot of freehand/freeform kind of work. I think this style is actually quite fitting, Brisbane is booming at the moment and our creative art scene is growing and growing. I see my text as pretty "childish" and playful which I think reflects this well. 

Brisbane, Australia - image 1 - student project

I played around with a few ideas but I landed on one fairly quickly. My main submission takes some colour inspiration from our city's current logo. I like to think that my new design is something that would have been devised in the 80's. The bridge in it is our iconic Story Bridge which is tiny compared to most others in the world, but it is ours. I also did a couple of variations, using the team colours of the Brisbane Broncos (the most popular sporting team we have), and the old Green & Gold Aussie colours.

Brisbane, Australia - image 2 - student project

Brisbane, Australia - image 3 - student project

Can't wait for the next class, Aaron! I'm gonna be visiting your neck of the woods this September. Have been dreaming about the Pacific North West since I was a child. Cannot wait.