Bringing together the scattered parts of my whole

Bringing together the scattered parts of my whole - student project

I'm still exploring exactly how to work with my mind in the most optimal ways, but I currently struggle most with the prioritization of seemingly massive proactive attention-taking tasks. Because this has been an ongoing journey, about half of the contents of this class were things I've already tried, while the others really resonated with me. 

Here are my key takeaways of the most actionable steps I plan to take right now: 

  • Calm app - I immediately downloaded and subscribed to Calm because I am working on healthy habit building and think adding another small mindful activity will be a good addition to my life. Not certain yet when in the day it is most realistic to aim for, but I hope in the morning. 
  • INTENTION - The theme of the past couple of months has really been about taking time to intentionally complete tasks or actions. I like the idea of sitting down more intentionally with my todo list each week and making time for prioritization. I currently use old fashioned pen and paper, as well as Google Keep, for my list making, which seems to work, but I've also thought about starting with Todoist as well. 
  • Organization based on attention type - It was really thought provoking to consider organizing my tasks not just by deadline or general importance, but primarily by the attention required of me for each. Again, the important piece for me here was about the intentionality of doing so - I automatically think in this way more basically, but I want to bring more attention into executing it more consciously. 
  • Themed weekdays - I'm still trying to plan how this tip will fit in with a really hectic 9-to-5 job schedule, as blocking one day for meetings or a full day for planning simply isn't realistic for my role, but I like the overall concept of breaking the week into manageable chunks, especially in planning and execution stages. 

It's clear that there is still more planning that needs to happen on my end. At this stage, I've just absorbed some of the ideas that resonated with me throughout the class, but I'm not so advanced yet in my thinking on these tips to have worked them into action. 

This is the question lingering in my mind right now: since I've become interested in the action items listed above, what is the most accessible way to integrate them into the daily flow of my life?