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Bringing retro back: Project 1 (8 principles of styling)

Source: Frankie Magazine/ Australia

I am probably drawn to this picture as my own house is a 60/70s period style home.  It is a rental property, and although I certainly wish I could change elements of it (think original lime-green laminate kitchen counter and green splash back tiles!) I obviously have to work with what I have got.   So I have decided to embrace the vinatge, retro feel of the house, which does actually have it's own charm and potential.  The challenge for me, I think, is to make sure it doesn't look too kitsch or overworked. 

8 elements of style represented in the above image are as follows:

  • NEEDS- both the sofa and the vintage side cabinet are functional items (Storage & Comfort = yay!).
  • SHAPE – The round cushion works well with the angular, modular lines of the sofa.  (I love that the side table has been built into the sofa. Added points for functionality).  There are also some cute items on top of the cabinet including a terrarium and a wooden reindeer.   
  • COLOUR – Liking these retro colours.  The orange cushion on the orange couch with the brown lampshade base is very 70s.  Also, the way the pic has been photographed and graded lends itself to this style.  However I do feel tempted to add a POP of colour here, like a teal coloured cushsion or some artwork . . .   
  • PATTERN- Very subtle pattern around the lampshde. 
  • TEXTURE – Crochet style pillow just like my grandmother had in her house.  Interesting material used for lampshade, not quite sure what it is. Also the material in the model’s dress (pleats) work well here.
  • PLACEMENT- There is a twist on the symmertry of 3's in the round pots/terrarium above the cabine in that they are all different sizes.  After watching the tutorial I can see that having those round shapes all in the same height would have looked odd.  Actually there is quite a lot going on above the cabinet and is approaching on being busy, but I like it because this is kind of the way my house looks!
  • BLING – Not much here, although the glass cupboards could count I guess.
  • BOTANICALS- The plant cascading down the side of the wood cabinet was what my eye was drawn to first; hence why I decided on this photo for this exercise.  I like the natural feel that is brought out through the leafy green on the wooden surface. 


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