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Stephanie Linquist

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Bringing "Mercy" to Life

I don't have the evolution of my project to show. I've been taking university classes while exploring skillshare, and was writing a long exegetical paper in the midst of it all, but now that all of those classes are done I was finally able to devote my time to this project!

I have been writing a story called "Mercy" for over four years now, off and on, and it popped back into my radar recently and I really want to pursue it. I'm actually considering trying Camp Nanowrimo this summer.

Anyway, when I was trying to decide what kind of theme to go for, I went with depicting four of my main characters from Mercy: Maggie, Lewis, Owen and Lark. They each have very different stories and personalities and I thought, What better way to try out this color/emotion idea?

Here's the finished product!

Maggie - Homesick

This was tricky, however I'm happy with it. 

Lewis - Liberated

This one is definitely my favorite. I adore the colors I ended up with. I had a much subtler palette at first but it definitely wasn't working, so finally I drew inspiration from this really bright, beautiful yellow and blue macaw. The bird was in flight and seemed pretty liberated to me, so I think those added colors gave this picture the exact punch it needed! I think the muted browns help a lot too. It's a cool contrast.

Owen - Overwhelmed

This was definitely a difficult one, palette wise. I wasn't exactly sure how to portray overwhelmed. Because my scene is not supposed to be overwhelming - it's actually quite peaceful. But this is where Owen may go when he is feeling overwhelmed. I tried to get the yellow-green and bright orange to display some of that stress, but maybe this one wasn't too succesful. I know now that I didn't pick the easiest of emotions, haha.

Lark - Lovesick

This one wasn't a failure but it wasn't a total success either. I really like the purple/green palette, and had an entire pinterest board covered in inspiration for it, but it didn't exactly work out when I transfered it into this image. 

In the end, I'm really glad I took this class! It was a very rewarding experience and I love the Josef Albers technique that Dominic brought in at one point. I just learned about him in an art history course and I'm excited to implement one of his techniques into my own art. Good luck to everyone in their projects! :)


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