Bring on the build.

Bring on the build. - student project

I feel like designing a weather app for a designer is definitely a right-of-passage, so I loved the curriculum for this class. Although I've been a designer for a pretty long time I've shied away from ever doing this. The reason I'm excited about it this time, is I have the abilities to actually build out the app. Here we go.

I wanted to keep the app pretty simple both from a design perspective and a potential development perspective. So I started in with pen (because you don't need an eraser, you need to move on).

Bring on the build. - image 1 - student project

From the sketches I had come up with a gestural framework people could use to find out the next day of weather. The user could tap and drag their finger down, and depending on how far they dragged, would see that many hours in the future (up to 24). I'm a huge fan of Symbolset so I decided to use their icon set SS Forecast.

I designed screens for a few states as well as an animation that I've included below. I will build this thing—you have my word.

Bring on the build. - image 2 - student project

Bring on the build. - image 3 - student project

I'd love to hear feedback on what I have so far. I'm excited at the chance to use this Skillshare course as a catalyst to building this app.


I'm currently working on developing the app and I've made some good progress. I've included a screen below. You can also follow the development on Github with a live version on our website.

Bring on the build. - image 4 - student project


My friend, Paul Young, saw my skillshare project and wanted to test out his iOS development skills. Not sure if he'll put it in the app store, but he came up with an app which you can see in the video below. Super exciting to see it come to life.

Check out a video of the working iOS app.

You can see some of my other work on my website.

Dan Leatherman

Partner / Designer @ Permalight