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Yaela Sans

Lettering, packaging and illustration



Bring life to illustrations with engaging concepts


I published my class 9 hours ago and I have 20 students so far. I have 18 enrollments and 53 views.
I'm joining late to the workshop but I would appreciate your advice and opinions.

First milestone:

I believe I have a clear and engaging title "Bring life to illustrations with engaging concepts" and also a nice cover image, I used a mockup to showcase my sample project for this class. And I selected carefully my tags.

I've asked my family to enroll. I've filled my skillshare profile. And my class description is enthusiastic and clear.

I've uploaded my sample project. This is the link: Sample project

Second milestone:

I was thinking to promote my class on my instagram bio and on facebook groups. And I have my class for free, for now.

Third milestone:

I read the article about more creative tactics to grow your class following and I love the idea of creating a hashtag so they can share on social media. I really got excited about this idea. My hashtag will be #EngagingIllustrations Then, I will also be able to repost the students projects. 

I also plan on giving feedback on every discussion on the community section and on every comment or project. 

Fourth milestone:

I already have my class for free.

Fifth milestone:

I uploaded my class yesterday and 26 students have enrolled in my class

I have 2 positive reviews

I think the tactics that worked best were the fact that I reached out to all the people that showed interest in the April teach challenge about my class. I let them know I published my class and also published a discussion on the community section of the teaching class. This seemed to me worked incredibly fast and better.

I plan to share my enrollment link all over facebook groups and on social media.


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