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Bring Your Character To Life With Paper.


So I finished by the 1st, uploaded all my videos and published but one of my videos is taking a whole DAY to process, so my class hasnt gone live yet...will this affect my entry for the March challenge?

Bring Your Character To Life With Paper.

In this class you will learn how to give your 2D characters a whole new life using the magic of paper!

This class will force you to think in color, layer and texture as you create 3D personalities. No prior knowledge or experience required, all skill levels and ages welcome!



Take a mini character head from 2D watercolor sketch to 3D paper illustration. This assignment will teach you to use color, layer and texture to add depth to your characters. You will learn to quickly and easily sketch an endless amount of mini character heads bursting with personality as well as my personal techniques and tips on working with paper.


Upload your paper character(s). A finished project includes:

  • Completed paper character head(s).
  • Multiple character design sketches.
  • Optional body.
  • Optional background.

You can check out my class outline Here.


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