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Brightening Up the World

I love the different layer adjustment tools within Photoshop. BUT I'm in a terrible habit of using the tools from the dropdown menus at the top rather than the black and white "cookie" tool at the bottom of the layers pallet, and so one the adjustment is made, it's kind of an "all or nothing" adjustment. Gotta break that habit!

Anyway, here are two before and after photos that I did. I used the following actions to set up my first photo:

Malibu, CA:



Palos Verdes, CA



But, I felt like the actions I made in the Malibu photo didn't brighten the Palos Verdes photo enough, so I made additional adjustments for the final photo:

I loved this class on actions and being more efficient with workflows, but I wish that there was more information on if you can create actions from photos that are originally in raw format. I like making adjustments in the original window that pops up where you can make very basic photo adjustments similar to Lightroom. Anyone know if you can do this within Photoshop?


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