Bright and Cheerful

Bright and Cheerful - student project

For this project I'm lettering the words "bright and cheerful". This is a shorter version of the line I was originally thinking of, "Make a bright and cheerful home." (It's a good thing I shortened it because I'm so behind!)

This is basically to motivate me/remind me that I (as a wife and mom) should take the lead in creating a home's happy atmosphere. I suppose the thinking behind this is found in other sayings like "happy wife, happy life," etc, although these words speak more to me. 

Here is the best of the initial sketches. I'm trying to aim for a modern script because I like the way it looks, but at the same time it's not as serious as the old style scripts-- with the message I'm communicating, I want to feel happy when I look at it, and not stressed and burdened. :)

I'm having trouble with the flourishes and making something that doesn't go all over the place. Basically I'm aiming for flourishes that will encase the words, or help create an overall shape. 

Bright and Cheerful - image 1 - student project