Bright Summer Floral Pattern Design | Skillshare Projects

Tara Andrews

Designer & Illustrator



Bright Summer Floral Pattern Design

I am really excited to take this class and learn some surface design techniques with the added challeng of a two week deadline! They always help me complete the projects and learn so much more.

The Moodboard

Here is my initial moodboard. I love bright floral patterns and love the contrast between the hand drawn flowers and watercolour flowers on the left side yellow and black pattern. Would love to try that as one of the options and I absolutely have always loved the colour scheme of a light pink, teal and dark grey/blue. So feminine and calming. It just makes me happy.


The Sketches

I have found sketching these repetitive patterns to be really relaxing and have sketched until my marker practically went dry. Each page has some winners and some not-so-nice sketches but here they all are.





Looking forward to bringing these into Illustrator to create some vectors and practice more with my Wacom tablet. 

I have been having some technical difficulties with my computer but am planning to refine my pattern further in the next few days. I won't meet the June 30th deadline but am really enjoy surface pattern design so will continue with the project and complete it with more patterns and some mockups.

Here is my pattern as it is today. Needs some refining but I like how it is coming along. If you have suggestions or feedback, please leave a comment below.


I also played with some different background colours and really liked these.




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