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Bright Lights

Idea 1

Bright Lights

When i was younger me and my brother would sneak out of the house to go hang out, this particular night i chose not to, but my brother still went, and since we lived in a semi detached 2 story home, he would throw little rocks at the window to wake me up and I would open the door for him.

As the night went on I was awoken by what sounded like little rocks, as I looked out the window (from my bunk bed) i then began to hear a loud chopping sound like a helicopter, it got louder and louder, then it was followed by bright lights, that blinded me.

i tried to make out what it was, it was really loud, I jumped back into my bed waiting for the sound to go, then it just stopped. I stayed under the covers, and eventually i passed out.

I am not sure how much time passed by, but i heard, a knock on the window, i look over and see my brother, I open the window, and pull him in, he said he had been out there for hours, throwing rocks at the window, he said since i did not wake up he climbed up the roof of the front door, then jumped on two the ledge of our window.

(that was a funny night, know not sure how this class works, but my idea was to incorporate what my brother was going through when he was trying to get my attention, but again not sure what the rules our)

thanks for reading

Idea 2

Dinner Time

When we were younger we would eat dinner as a family, and my parents were great cooks,but there were times when I just did not feel like eating what was prepared, but my parents were strict, and were were not allowed to leave the table.

So one day I came up with an idea to get over on my  parents.

there was a draw in the kitchen where we kept spare grocery bags, when my parents would leave the table, i would get a grocery bag and dump my food into the bag, I would then run to the back yard and toss the bag over the fence, over the fence was a bank. I did this all the time when ever i did not feel like eating, until one day, my father walked into the kitchen and the window in the kitchen had a clear view of our back garden, he watched me, sling the grocery bag over the fence, I turned around to walk back into the house and i saw my dad staring at me with rage, that was the longest walk back into my house.

again I had idea of gags, of may be when i would throw the bag over the fence it would hit may be a guy in a suit on the way to a date, and when the food would land on him he would be attacked by hungry pigeons, the second time he would slip on my bad  of food, and roll down the bank injuring himself, etc)

Idea 3

Bike Ride

When we were younger around 10 or so me and my brother got mountain bikes for Christmas, so that weekend we could not wait to get out and ride our bikes, we lived on a hill so we would speed down past our house doing wheelies, and other tricks, we would take turns going up and down the hill, i had just gone down the hill riding with no hands.

So my bother up and he attempted to do the same thing, he started of great but chose to speed up, in a split second he lost control and went flying into the bush that was in front of our house.

( I will show us going down the hill  various times doing different tricks)


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