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Briganti Family Crest


My grandfather, José, was the son of an Italian immigrant, Giuseppe, who arrived sometime between WWI and WWII in the Caribbean coast of Colombia. According to Giuseppe's passport, the original spelling of the last name was Brigante, with a E, instead of Briganti. Apparently, my grandfather was registered as Brigantti and throughout his life he changed the spelling of its ending many times: -ty, -tty, -thy, -thi, -tthi, etc. So, what seem to finally work for him was the name as it is today.

My grandparents were born on a small Caribbean town. When they got married they moved to Cartagena of the Indies where they settled. They had 8 children and worked as shoemakers. Sadly, none of their children continued the family craft and it died with my grandmother.

As you might imagine the mixture of Italian blood and the Caribbean idiosyncracy is a hotbed for sheer craziness. So I wanted to have some fun with that and put as our motto: "Insania infinita est", which is latin for "crazyness is boundless".

What represents the family

  1. The family craft: shoemaking.
  2. The food.
  3. The city were they settled.


*One of the main features of the city is its colonial wall that surrounds the old part of the city.

*This weird thing you see here was one of my grandmother´s famous recipes: the tamal. I think it's funny how it looks like a little present.

Looking for the perfect leaves

Since the origin of the family name is Italian I wanted to use the laurel leaves as a symbol of Europe along with the palm leaves, representing the new Caribbean world.

The Crest

The T-shirt

Thanks for watching!


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