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Brief, Smart and Effective

Subject line: Yikes. Are You Sabotaging Your Career Without Even Knowing?


From an email recipient's perspective:

This email is great because it is conversational, yet helpful to the reader at the same time. I also appreciate the brevity.

From an email marketer's perspective: 

Goals- provide compelling email content so that the recipient actually reads the email, encourage career coaching session sales, increase social media outreach. *These goals are not discussed in chronological order (they are sprinkled throughout).


The subject line reads: "Yikes. Are You Sabotaging Your Career Without Even Knowing?" That is nicely worded because we are at the start of a new year and many people make resolutions (ex. from the email-career goals for 2016). And, just so that the email doesn’t make you feel too bad, it follows with: "DON'T BE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY. Even smart people sabotage themselves sometimes." They are not beating the users down and they are also crediting their intelligence.

It has strong call-to-action statements, "When was the last time you updated your resume?" and then it states, "get job search ready with a new resume." The user is not left hanging to look for solutions; the solutions are right there! Also, the "get job search ready with a new resume," statement looks like a button, so the user is inclined to click on the "button" (the whole rectangular picture is a hyperlink so there is no way the user can accidentally miss clicking on that hyperlink).  

The hyperlinks direct the user directly to some career coaching plans. That is a very great strategy because by the time the users are directed to the hyperlink, which includes coaching plans and pricing, they already made the decision that they need help with their resumes. This makes a sale more likely.  

There is a small blurb of interesting text in the body. And, it directs the users to links for more information. The bite-sized bate is tempting and does not overwhelm the users. "Click here for 7 ways smart people sabotage themselves." I am inclined to continue reading :) 

There is an unsubscribe button on the bottom (opt-out check). 

Also, the photo of the man holding his nose complements the text very well by invoking a feeling of worry. The email tells the users that it has a solution that will save the users some worry time by offering solutions. 

The email encourages the users to share the article across various social media platforms. This is a great call-to-action statement because the email serves as a good vehicle to increase social medial outreach


I appreciate that the email is short and sweet...and, above all, very effective. All the target goals are hit in a way that naturally evolves out of the information provided. This email is a success. 


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