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Brief Introduction of gavrieG | Espy Nominee

The product of focus is the 211 Henny, a henley with my 211 logo on the front chest and my company icon covering the top back of the tee.

The objective was to capture the henley and the model in a grungy, urban environment that would complimnet the aestethics of the shirt without giving ttoo much thought to the scene.

My model is one of my youger brothers whom was chosen because of his height and trendy style. I wanted to encompass the sagging fitted jeans and urban attraction to the Jordan brand in this entire project.  


This shot was important to capture the continuous expression of art although it may be hard to break into the industry from your niche. If you keep kicking the locks enough one will eventually pop open. 

There is also detail of the shirt in action to show its proper fit and dexterity.


 Above, a static 3/4 shot capturing the model relaxing. This shot demonstrates the true fit and draping properties of theis cool shirt. How would you know its cool? We're in Houston and it was 98-103 degrees and he hasn't broken a sweat. 

The model is wearing a SMALL. The choice of execution was a vinyl applications onto a pre-shrunk, soft cotton. 

The pros: Light reflects off vinyl and is easy to see. Quick manufacturing and low cost for a low run of shirts.

The cons: Vinyl wrinkles. You must iron the shirt inside out and hope the wrinkles wear out of the vinyl if yoou plan on wearing the shirt as a favorite. If not pressed properly and the shirt has extensive wear the vinyl can lift from the shirt.

I did not get any tears or damage emails from collectors receptive to this run


WE ALL NEED TO GIVE BACK | An important message! 

My outlook as a creative is that we must give back to our passion and those willing to learn. It doesn't have to be monetary, but as simple as sharing our knowledge and know-how. I'm an avid supporter on Kickstarter and now Patreon. You don't have to buy into me for me to believe in others' visions, and be a small spark to keep them on their journey. Support living artist. Not trends. 


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