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Tim Scroggs

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Brief Description of our brand & business - for the Brand Management Wrkshp

HNYCMB Creative is a studio based in Asheville, NC and founded by us, Tim and Meagan – husband and wife. A little background on me (Tim). I was in the music industry for 8 years and essentially became the band's brand manager when I wasn't songwriting, practicing, touring, performing etc. I created t-shirts, stickers, album artwork, posters and social media/web graphics and advertisments for shows and new music album releases. Then as the music industry began to fall apart and our family began to grow, I decided to go back to school for new media and interactive design. I officially began freelancing for clients while in school a few years ago and that's how I got here – long story short.

Meagan got involved at the beginning of this year after I came home one afternoon and shared with her an inspiring idea I had had while driving home from class. We both got pumped and decided to do it-start a design studio-but we had intended on starting slow and small until I had graduated next year. Then we were going to do an official launch.


Things took off instantly via word-of-mouth. It was almost too much too fast but we kept rolling and projects kept rolling in. So we raised our prices and still things kept picking up. Needless to say we haven't really had the time to sit down and define our brand – what sets us apart. I mean we only just recently put up a landing page for our studio because it felt odd that we did web design but had now website! Now we exist for those people who look us up after talking to our present clients. It's been crazy and since I don't think we're ever going to actually "have time" to figure out our company's core brand pillars, we're going to "make time" now.

So I say all that to say our "brand" as HNYCMB Creative is whatever people have told and are telling others about us. Then as they start working with us they began to see more of our brand by working closely with us.

We don't advertise so our brand is not yet what we say it is but what others are saying it is. And we don't know what "that" is. So like I said in my introduction, let's DO THIS! 


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