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Bride of Frankenstein

Updated 10/12/2014

I spent a good day twiddling with the was driving me maaad !! In the end I opted to keep the hair somewhat unrefined and simply having 3 elements of a block black colour, and two stripes of grey created with the pen tool and created a grungy texture on top (textures and gradients are still an enigma for me and I struggled on with both for a while before somehow stumbling upon a solution with the texture layer).

I then created the text  - I found a type on Dafont aptly called Young Frankenstein which I then adapted sligtly (diagonally skewing the S) and creating a shadow layer.

I'm pretty happy with the result, particularly the detail in the face, but I would like to master textures more.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated !!


My chosen poster was a vintage Bride of Frankenstein.

Love the lighting, but perhaps I've made a rod for my own back by chosing somethign that has subtle tonal changed in the face ?

I have never used Illustrator before but am a veteran user of Photoshop so I thought using the pen tool would be easy.  It was but I also tried using some form building with the elipse shape around the grey stripe of the hair.

Next was to map out different tonal sections of the face.

I have yet to complete the course videos so I'm hoping there will be a bit about texturising at some point !

I'd also like to use the gradient tool for some of the shadow sections around the eyes and the cape.

I also want to try making the type from another poster because I think it's more impactful than the original typefont


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