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Freelancer notes:

I am a freelancer, in part, because the goal of this business is also to be able to gain visibility into lego sets I don't yet own myself. The risk here is that I will recieve numerous requests to put together the same sets. At that point I could always outsource to friends or neighbors also interested. Scalability is a challenge. There is no way to automate this, so I would need to hire fellow freelancers to do it. It therefore follows that I need a significant brand/story to really push this. What else do people get besides a constructed lego set? Certification? Something additional having to do with my brand? A video of me constructing the thing? (In character, of course. A friend suggested not doing it as "me" but as a character around which you can focus stories, videos, etc.)

I will build lego sets of any complexity for people too busy to do it themselves. My lego skills, my enthusiasm for lego, and my speed in building are all assets I bring to this venture. 

My customers are:

- parents who bought a lego set they see sitting on the self for months

- kids who want to build it but are already over-committed

- lego-builders who need smaller sets put together for a large project, but don't want to waste the time

- adults who thought they would be into lego, but now don't want to throw the set away

I need:

- a website, a payment gateway, a payment structure, shipping and packing methods.

This venture has no proven attractiveness in the market-place, aka I have no idea if people want this. There are a couple of sites currently online but they are unattractrive and not maintained. Also, it is dependent on my speed and skills. The building cannot be automated. It is dependent on manual labor ... and people being willing to ship me sets.


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